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We are a Russian company, with head office in Moscow. Our main specialisation is land electroinvestigation, seismic prospecting, gravity and magnetic surveys, engineering drilling. The scope of these methods includes deep and regional researches, search and investigation of oil&gas, search and investigation of hydrocarbons, ore and nonmetallic minerals, studying of geothermal resources, the decision of hydro-geological, ecological, engineering-geological, archaeological and geotechnical problems.

Employees of our organisation participated in work and interpretation of the data in the European Russia and the Eastern Siberia, in the Northeast of Russia and Sakhalin, in Korea, Italy, Greece, Poland, USA and Canada.

Our main activities:

  • Organization and carrying out field works. Choosing rational complex of methods, planning field works, estimation of expenses for their carrying out. Carrying out of field works by modern techniques. Rent of equipment and the software, habitation and transport. The help in selection and personnel training. Quality assurance, optimisation of schemes of supervision during works.
  • Data processing and interpretation. Preliminary (during field works) and profound data processing. Gathering of additional materials with the aprioristic geological and geophysical information. The analysis and interpretation of the data with use of modern high technology approaches. Geological interpretation of received geophysical models.
  • Research workings out. Creation and development of technologies of supervision, processing and interpretation of the data. Carrying out of field experiments and mathematical modelling. Scientific substantiation of existing technologies, studying of effects and the phenomena which are not finding explanations within the limits of standard approaches.
  • Creation of hardware-program complexes. The help in a choice and acquisition of geophysical equipment and the software, and also their working out. Drawing up of complexes, optimum for the decision of demanded problems. Training to work with equipment and the software.